HALs - Hands-on Active Learning System

Return demonstration processes delivered in a computer augmented environment. Different from Virtual Reality (VR) based education, in which the learner is immersed in a completely simulated environment,
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that adds virtual content to the physical real world, thereby augmenting the perception of reality.
AR allows learners to become active participants within a learning scene anchored in the real world. Therefore, the user may virtually interact with medical equipment and perform dynamic processes while taking the real world into account.
We would like to introduce HALs.

Didactic Training.

This is the process of delivering the theoretical understanding of the medical device and its associated skill requirements.  This phase is generally classroom centered and training is delivered by a clinical instructor.


Knowledge Assessment.

The knowledge assessment is the second phase in which familiarity with the subject matter is formally assessed through an examination.


Return Demonstration.

This is an instructional method by which the learner attempts to perform a psychomotor skill taught during the didactic. The return demonstration is the critical phase in which the actual physical interaction between a participant and the medical device is evaluated within a true use environment.

What Nursing Professionals think of HALs

Effective return demonstrations completes the training cycle, it's critical for us.


100% Game Changer in the way we can teach our staff, accessibility is key.


A bright light at the end of the tunnel for effective training.


What is HALs

HALs Medical

HALs is 3 products, the 1st solution is designed for MedTech Companies to teach their products to healthcare professionals. The 2nd  solution is design for Hospital Administration Risk Management/Mitigation. The 3rd solution is designed specifically for end patient direct care. 

Hals Aerospace

HALs aircraft maintenance application

End User DataBase Information

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Dept: 4th Floor West

Shift: 2nd


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HALs user experiences

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