Healthcare and medicine. Doctor in lab coat using futuristicdigital display with medical record card. He wants to watch results of medical tests of patient. Its photo containing digitally generated image. It is perfect for using it in commercial and advertising photography, reports, books, presentation

Our Approach

Deliver consistant, intuitive healthcare training and testing to all learners with measurable results

  • HALS Kiosks provide onsite training with self-service accessibility 24/7/365
  • HALS can significantly reduce training costs while improving training delivery by supplementing the work of training staff.
  • HALS provides MFG certified training with measurable results for ROI & Training analytics/reporting

Our Story

  • HALs is dedicated to intuitive and sharable human-machine interactions which trace activity and performance using ADL Initiative guidelines.
  • We believe in continuously evolving safety, maintenance and troubleshooting systems should be easily accessible and sharable between workers.

Meet the Team

Something real special happens when you combine common threads of need/desire with Subject Matter Experts...

Kacy profile pic

Mary “Kacy” Zerfass


SME, 20+ yrs as a Registered Nurse specializing in Pediatric Care and stake-holder.



mike profile picture

Michael Anstett

HALs Medical Systems Consultant

SME, VA-BC & US Army Combat Medic; MedTech IP (Founder); Clinician Exchange (CCO); Deliver sales & educational support for multiple medical device mfrs & stakeholders

Lee profile pic

Lee Zerfass


35+ yrs in Sales, Marketing, Printing Industry Product Dev; Consulting & Startup Leader; Inventor, Author, Mentor, Coach, Creator-space Steward, and stake-holder.


Alexa profile pic

Alexa Franklin

Instructional Designer - HALs System Consultant

SME, ADL/xAPI writer, Learning and development specialist skilled in Captivate, Cornerstone on Demand Learning Management System, SkillPort 8 Learning Management System, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and G-Suite.

Brenda profile pic

Brenda Braitling

HALs Systems Consultant

SME, 20 yr Information Systems Design Consultant; 15+ yr US Army Medic/LPN/Surg NCO, Med Battalion Training Mgnt; Educator; Lecturer; STEM Coach; Advocate for Tech Innovation & Health Education

Steve profile pic

Steve Mattessich

Mechanical Engineer - HALs Systems Consultant

SME, 20 yrs  Sr. Mechanical Designer - Mechanical Designer II - Mechanical Designer - Mechanical Design with Solidworks Premium - Assemblies - Machined Parts - Sheet Metal - Die Cast - Plastics; Advocate for Tech Innovation & Health Education

Next Steps...

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