HALs for Medical Technologies Product Demonstration Kiosk

HALs allow Medical Technologies companies to replace and/or supplement the training of their products. We provide the 3 most common elements to effective training, all within our custom "HOW" (HALs On Wheels) Medical Cart/Kiosk. Didactic provides manufacturer supplied teaching videos or we can create content for you. Next step is Knowledge Assessment to reinforce what was learned in the Didactic. Lastly, we provide a custom Return Demonstration that provides performance based testing, machine learning and video recorded competency.

HALs for Hospital Orientation Training

HALs for Hospital Orientation and training is cost-effective, convenient and provides the most current and repeatable training using Augmented Reality. Whether there is one central location, multiple regional locations or global deployment. HALs is a kiosk based eco-system that can be positioned near a nurses stations for employee orientation product training, refresher, and on-going CEU training. HALs uses machine learning to record and score everyone's use of products to ensure the most cost effective training in the marketplace.

HALs On-Demand for end patient care

HALs On-Demand allows for extended home care training. Primary Care providers can visit a conveniently located Kiosk within a Hospital or HALs can be delivered to anywhere in the world to teach and maintain the best practices for discharged patients requiring additional care.


HALs kiosk-based training in action

Nurses are practicing the return demonstration for a neutral displacement needle-less adaptor. Nurses select the products used in their capacity at their own pace. Once they feel comfortable with the virtual products, live products can be incorporated into the scene. Performance based testing is than engaged with pass/fail xAPI user experiences reporting to hospital administration. Our eco-system provides online/offline training and does not require being tethered to a facitilities network keeping patient records and systems detached from HALs.

Convenient, Scalable, and Accurate

Looking to train several to thousands of care providers? HALs is currently available as a desktop kiosk, or configured as a "HOWs" (HALs on Wheels) medical cart kiosk. Training is cost effective and uses the latest didactic information provided by the MedTech provider. We are committed to reducing hospital introduced infections by providing the exact procedures needed to use products as intended, at a time that is convenient for the employee, providing all the analytics on each user's experience. HALs deploys machine learning to compare and score competency, to ensure the teaching is consistent, relevant and easy to use.


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